Our Testimonials

Teo Rofan
Arts administrator

“At 7 Aura, yoga is a fun and challenging way to develop and heighten our self-awareness of the body. The workout consists of postures with intense cardiovascular exercises and stretching. It aims to alleviate tension on the shoulders and knee and to ease off the strain of the neck while stimulating other muscle groups. Through yoga I was able to ditch my bad posture and build stamina to run longer distances. I stand taller now and feel calmer to take on obstacles at work.”

Alfred Boon Tan

“One of my best yoga session ever and I have only the place, the student and of course… The guru to thank The energy of 7 Aura has since become purer and more vibrant – something I don’t get elsewhere unless you are doing yoga outdoors! All you ever need for your entire life’s well being – all available at the most amazing 7 Aura. This is where you can get all the Healing, Strengthening, Energizing that you will ever need. “

Hui Cheng

“What does sincerity feel like? When you attend Dennis’s yoga classes, that’s exactly what you are going to find out. He teaches with passion, and his sincerity as a teacher comes from within. It is a joy to learn yoga from Dennis because he personalizes the learning journey for each and every one of us. It is important since everyone is different and may start at different points on the learning curve; I particularly appreciate his ability to point out specific areas that can be improved on in class because the timely feedback helps me to improve. He is also very focused on doing the poses correctly to avoid injuries, and I think that you can’t find a better and more thoughtful yoga teacher anywhere else.”

Zeng H S

“7 Aura has stayed true to the teachings of the Iyengar school of yoga which is well known for its precise instructions on achieving the asanas (postures) correctly. It has improved my flexibility, strength and balance. The use of props in Iyengar have one good purpose – it allows even a beginner unfamiliar with yoga to attain the full benefits from the asanas without having practised for years.”

Geraldine C.

“Learning yoga at 7 Aura is a gratifying and rewarding experience. Not only are the instructors well qualified and trained in what they do; they are also personable and professional, making sure every student achieves the centre’s objectives of healing the body, mind and soul. Practicing yoga has never been this satisfying and enjoyable!”

Kenrick Goh

“After practicing yoga for 3 years, I know I had to seek a good teacher to further my practices. Fate had brought me to 7 Aura through a good friend. Ever since my 1st lesson with Dennis at 7 Aura, my understanding of Asana alignments have improved greatly. I am now able to feel a more in-depth practice together with a whole new experience on how the energy flows throughout my body.”

Marion Bergmueller

“Vasanthi is an excellent teacher. I was taught Stress Management by her and had the good luck to hear one of her Ayurveda presentations. I love the passion with which she teaches and the passion for the subjects that she teaches. This passion immediately passed over to me. It is a pleasure to learn from her wonderful female personality. Her Stress Management classes were soft and relaxing, helped me to calm down the mind and to simply enjoy myself. Vasanthi was very patient with all of us students, always willing to answer questions and has the gift to explain things in a way so that everyone understands it easily.”

Sam J

“If you asked me 2 years ago if I was a person capable of doing yoga I would have thought you were joking. I have always thought of myself as incorrigibly stiff and inflexible, and never thought that I would be practicing yoga as regularly as I do now. I have chosen to come to 7 Aura because of the dedication of teachers Dennis and Audrey and the strict and positive environment they create which makes us want to improve. In accordance with Iyengar principles, 7 Aura focuses on achieving proper alignment. Dennis also adapts classes to address particular issues, which I greatly appreciate as a way for us to improve our individual practices together. In addition to the yoga sessions, I have benefited from other classes that enrich my practice such as the breathing (pranayama) classes. I look forward to the sessions as they give me health, strength and mental balance.”

Cecilia Burley
Gold Coast, Australia

“I like the idea of yoga but getting myself to a place where I can slow down and benefit and enjoy yoga takes a good yoga teacher. Someone who can tune in to the level where I, the student, is at and make it simple for me. This is how I experienced my yoga classes with Vas.I would come away from a class looking forward to practicing what I had been shown and eager for my next yoga class. Lots of fun. Thanks Vas!”

Sunil Kallungal
Kenya, Africa

“I am a yoga teacher who graduated from Sivananda Yoga Center and Svyasa Yoga Research Institute and I have been teaching Yoga in Kenya (Africa). Vasanthi visited Nairobi Kenya in 1998 and taught my students. I observed her teaching and was very impressed with her. She is an expert Yoga instructor who is able to tailor her classes to meet exactly the needs and abilities of students at all levels. I would strongly recommend her to any students wanting to learn yoga.”

Rajendran Velu
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

“Vasanthi teaches Yoga with passion .She is very focussed on her teachings and guides you through meticulously throughout the whole class . Furthermore, her sessions are very encouraging and inspirational. You will learn new things every session as she explains the benefits and limitations of each posture and Pranayama”

Beth Brodie

“Vasanthi has a wonderful gentle energy about her and when she teaches her passion is contagious!! The “Stress Management” technique she teaches is very beneficial and the manner in which she teaches it is both informative & inspiring!”

Jan Kah Cheng

“Vasanthi is very pleasant, patient and understanding. She will go the extra mile to make sure we learn the correct technique and avoid injury. She takes an interest in knowing us. Thank you very much. I will be healthier in Yoga.”

Natasha Raina

“Vas is an intuitive, gifted Yoga practioner who is passionate about her art and it is evident from the level of dedication and importance her students give to her classes. She was running Yoga classes for staff and I must honestly say it was the best series of Yoga sessions I have ever had! She was able to adjust the lessons to suit every different type of fitness level and so we weren’t left in aches and pains at the end of the class. In addition, the meditation “cool down” session was a hit– and even we missed the 1st half of the class, we were determined not to miss the 2nd session because we were led into a guided relaxation meditation that left us all feeling so refreshed and recharged to take on another stressful day!”