Guest Programmes


The Open Heart Meditation session is a gentle introduction to our spiritual heart. Opening our heart is the key to health, happiness and spiritual growth. It is safe and natural way to promote better health and well being by restoring balance to mind, body, emotions and spirit.

The session will help you to meditate easily or improve your meditation. Some of the benefits of open heart meditation are :

  • Relax and reduce stress
  • Connect to and strengthen your heart
  • Clear negativities and emotional baggage to unburden and lighten your heart
  • Feel the love and light radiate from your heart
  • Become heart centered and enjoy peace from within
  • Gain higher understanding and insight

This session consists of short heart strengthening exercises followed by a relaxing and uplifting heart-centered guided meditation. No meditation experience needed. Beginners will learn how to mediate without effort and enjoy right away the beauty of using their spiritual heart: the center of peaceful feelings, calmness and true happiness


Pranayama is the study of Prana (Chi / Energy) and how to control the body’s energy through breath. As we age, our catabolic rate (cell destruction) supersedes our anabolic rate (cell renewal). Thereby leading to reduced energy. To maximise store the energy within our body, one can learn the various Pranayama techniques. At 7aura students will not only learn special Pranayama techniques and their benefit and limitations. Some of the Pranayama taught will be

  • Yogic Breathing (utilising the lungs to the fullest capacity)
  • Cleansing breathing (Kapalabhati and Bastrika)
  • Single Nostril Breathing, Cooling breathing, heating breathing, double nostril breathing, balancing breathing etc.
  • Benefits and limitations of each breathing technique


Trataka (gazing technique) is a special technique used to develop concentration through

  • Jatru Trataka (special eye movement techniques which helps relieves eye stress and improves eyesight)
  • Jyoti Trataka (gazing at a light in a specific manner to develop concentration)


  • A scientifically proven technique which comprises 3 relaxation techniques and 4 slow body movement which improves relaxation and sleep. This 50mins session extremely effective in reducing stress and improving the quality of sleep
  • A unique, multi-dimensional approach to manage stress at the physical, mental, emotional and intellectual levels
  • SMS reduces stress at deeper level & strengthens the immune system
  • Research shows that SMS calms the mind, improves the immune system, reduces stress, improves sleep and productivity and brings about homeostasis within the mind, body and soul
  • To be practiced either in the morning or early evening


A special set of techniques catering to management specific ailments.

  • Yoga for Cancer Management
  • Yoga for Back Pain
  • Yoga for menstrual disorders
  • Yoga for obesity


Ayurveda is an ancient science that focuses on prevention, promotion and management of ailments. Diet and lifestyle are key components of prevention and promotion of health while herbal medication focuses on curing and managing diseases. At these workshops you will learn the basic principles of Ayurveda, herbs and nutrition for specific ailments.

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition
  • Ayurvedic Beauty Care
  • Ayurvedic